The names here are so cool! The next destination, Waitango & Haruru, you can’t say them without smiling, can you?!

We stayed in cabins along the waterfront, the rain stopped, and after some tips from the locals, headed out to run! Not a normal run…a FOREST RUN!

Michiel is quite used to running on road terrain, and even sand now, but forest was a whole new experience! I gave him some tips (mainly, do not fall or trip), and off he went! 75 minutes to run through the unknown…

He made it! A great run! Plus thoroughly enjoyed by Michiel! The forest was so ALIVE! It felt so fresh, I could almost taste the greenness! The trees winded around, the path was there only from hikers forming it, and the sheer beauty of this place intrigued us at every corner!

I of course couldn’t let Michiel go alone, so followed to enjoy the forestย too.

The reward. This beautiful Mangrove city! It was like something from a children’s film – completely magical and exciting! We enjoyed this place so much – we even used it as the stretch spot!

Coming back along the trail, we made it to the starting spot outside our cabin, toย the Haruru waterfall! Perfect place to rest our tired legs.

So far, LOVING New Zealand!