Happy Cow is our go to app for finding vegan friendly places to eat. As much as I love to cook and make us nutritious food on the go, sometimes it is nice to eat out and review places along the way. It recommended this place to us…

Green Time is a relatively new restaurant in Auckland city centre. Super cool, delicious food!













It started with a girl who was a lawyer, going to a climate change event, and deciding to help change the world! She started small, and built her way to this super cool concept restaurant which is 100% vegan, with a small team of people who share her views. How do I know so much? It is written in a cool time line along the walls of the place…

We ordered everything off the menu. Joke. But really, we could have done, it all looked amazing! We had rolled sushi, a smoked burger, noodles, and of course we couldn’t resist a healthy carrot cupcake! YUM.

If in Auckland – give this place a try! Friendly staff & delicious vegan food. We also loved the story behind it – a must visit!