On the road again. It feels good! Freedom, and some beautiful sights ahead.

We drove fromย Malaga to the final destination of Gibraltar. The best thing with us is, we don’t mind where we end up, as long as its beautiful. So we dropped a random pin on the map and headed there!

With Michiel’s recovery plan, we aim to get 10k steps in every day, with 2 leg workouts, and swimming in each week. Now we have the chance to do this in epic places again!

We found somewhere to have a walk in Andalusia – it is so beautiful! The lake is manmade, and usually a lot higher than this. The surroundings are filled with different colours, nature, treesย – so nice to be away from a big city.

Road snacks – fresh olives!ย 

The white villages are so beautiful and great to walk some hills! We visited Zahoria.ย 

ย ย 

Next up, we stopped in a secluded field, to do some leg training. With his upper body still going through a lot of recovery, it is a good idea to keep the bottom half strong, and ready for when we can up the training again. Short 15-30 minute workouts, with no impact. Squats, lunges, calf work and some glute (bum) strengthening exercises are great for this.