Hawaii bound! First stop Kona – the home of the Ironman! Luckily, the bike made it all the way from Europe without a problem too, phew!

We didn’t argue with this guy when he offered to carry the bike for us.

We are so excited to be staying at the hotel that is hosting the Ironman, the Fairmont Orchid. From first impressions, we see why they would choose it.

Luckily, we are far from the recent volcano activity.ย 

Hawaiian beads on arrivalย 

It is luxurious, has great facilities and so beautiful. On the grounds are lava rocks that Michiel will run and bike past, and a beautiful blue, warm sea to swim in. Perfect!

The first step into the pacific!ย 

The jet lag is actually doing us a favour, because our body clocks are getting us up at 5am naturally, and then we are sleepy for 9pm. The perfect timings for Ironman day which starts at 7am sharp!

Michiel is nervous, but in good spirits, and itโ€™s so great to be here and experience this new milestone with him. Both because of the accident and because, come on, we are in HAWAII! So exciting!