After cheering the rest of the finishers off at the Ironman finish line, we headed to have a well earned rest at the sea terrace in our hotel. As night came, so did the turtles! The sunset over the bay, with 6 huge Continue Reading
Tapering. In basic terms means to slow down before a big race. It is a whole mind boggling world, and so many people aren’t sure how to, or what to do in their own personal tapering days. With Michiel, I know Continue Reading
As a young boy I was such a fan of the adventures of 3 guys travelling the world having amazing adventures, the Dutch Bob Evers books series, written in the fifties. One of the books was set in Honolulu, it seemed Continue Reading
Rest day for Michiel, so a nice relaxing drive around the north of the big island. We got a hazy day, but we still saw so much beauty! This place is incredible. The landscape is scattered by lava rock, and you canโ€™t Continue Reading
Hawaii bound! First stop Kona – the home of the Ironman! Luckily, the bike made it all the way from Europe without a problem too, phew! We didn’t argue with this guy when he offered to carry the bike for Continue Reading
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I had to do it. I signed up a month after the accident that left me in intensive care for weeks, again for the full Ironman, October 2018 in Barcelona,. I needed a goal to motivate me to recover. And prove to myself Continue Reading