We passed this little restaurant on the way to Waipoa and on the way back, decided to pay them a visit for lunch. It was advertised as vegetarian, but everything on the menu was vegan, bar two things that used honey. Great!

As I ordered, the lady recognised my English accent and it turns out she is from the same place I am – small world! A super friendly experience!

The food was simple, but very tasty, and a great use of herbs and spices. The presentation was nice, and felt very rustic.

Michiel, enjoying his Kava from a coconut shell. Kava is said to be a ‘narcotic’ย sedative drink made in Polynesia from the crushed roots of a plant of the pepper family.

The place itself was very hippy style. Very busy, with a lot going on in every space. Posters, trinkets, artwork, which added to the charm, and I suspect what they were going for. The street it was located has lots of a type of shops: a place that sells incense and yoga items, a second hand shop, a meditation centre.

A great experienceย and very tasty healthy food, in a unexpected place!