As a young boy I was such a fan of the adventures of 3 guys travelling the world having amazing adventures, the Dutch Bob Evers books series, written in the fifties. One of the books was set in Honolulu, it seemed such an exciting place to little me. Reading these books over and over again I pictured myself in these places, before falling asleep and dreaming about them.

With Ironman on the Big Island in Hawaii, Honolulu was only a 40 minutes flight away. This was my chance, to visit Honolulu, on my birthday as well!

I booked the same hotel as in the book, described at Walt Disneyโ€™s wet dream.

It was beautiful indeed, with a beautiful view of the iconic Diamond Head mountain, and we spend a day at the pool, and the beach, fully relaxing before the Ironman race. Rest is underrated in training I believe, but so beneficial, to repair muscles, clear the mind and grow strong before a race. Honolulu is an ideal place to do just that!


Enjoying our one glass of champagne on my birthday – a few days before race day! But the hotel gave it us as a present, so it would be rude not to have just one, right!?

We enjoyed a delicious Thai meal too, who had a whole vegan menu available.ย 

We did not see much of Honolulu, I am not sure there is much to see, but the fact that I spent my birthday in Honolulu, I love it. What a name! What a beautiful exotic place! If only Bob Evers could see me now!