We had heard people rave about this place, and especially theย garden. It didn’t disappoint! A great little garden, totally cosy, and white, with typical spanish flowers and plants draped lazily over the stone terrace. You feel instantly relaxed. We were greeted straight away, by the staff who were polite, & happy to help.

Even the cats felt relaxed here…

The smoothies were simple ‘red smoothie’ and ‘green smoothie’ – made with whatever in season produce they had in that colour that day – great idea and so tasty!ย 

We ordered the platter to share for start, which had a great mixture of things, with olive dips, hummus, falafel – all cooked to perfection!

The mixed plate for one main was so tasty! Fake plant based meat, with a garlicky cream sauce, very greek inspired, and tasted just like the real thing would. The flavours were really incredible for what looks so simple! Both dishes came with an enormous amount of fries, which I would usually not order, but an occasional fry treat is ok! Even for athletes! Balance.

The burger was super tasty – of course everywhere we go these are our favourite to order, and we weren’t disappointed! Luckily, we share all dishes so we both get the flavours of them. I had to take a picture of the inside – I think we could definitely pass this off as a meat burger!

Value for money with the huge portions. Nice place, made even nicer experience by the terrace and staff.