Reviews Thailand

MBK Centre


A huge mall, eight stories high, containingย around 2,000 shops, with billions of souvenirs, a huge food court, toiletries, technology and everything else in between, including all the fake branded items that litter Thailandโ€ฆ this place was great to explore!

To get food here, you had to top up a card, and use that instead of money. We had spotted 3 or 4 vegan friendly places already – lets EAT! The first place, a small stall which we had no idea what was being served, but knew it was all vegan, so pointed and smiled. Delicious!

The second place we tried (not in the same day, promise!) was Green House, who had a totally separate menu for veggies/vegans! Wish all places would do this – what a great idea! Delicious tasting, and so fresh, loved it!

Vegetarian Healthy Food – it does what it says on the tin..apart from Egg this place is full vegan, and they totally understand when I said no egg that we were vegan – always nice! What a treat – this place was healthy, fresh and a taste explosion! We always try to order around 4 dishes, and share, tapas style, so we can get a taste for all the flavours of the dishes!

We refrained from buying the fake brands, but we did buy a few souvenirs from the rest of the mall, and also enjoyed a great massage on the last day here! Although more expensive than what you would pay in a street massage shop, still a lot cheaper than usual, at 500 BAHT per hour (around โ‚ฌ15).

We also found a place that embroidered clothing and hats, and HAD to invest in a couple of ATG hats! We thought about getting them online, but love to support these local small businesses, especially as the family who ran it were so friendly, and even read our blog!

Thank you MBK!