Bangkok, and Thailand in general isn’t short of vegan places! And usually, they pop up in the weirdest of places…this one was no exception!

Coming off the famous Khao San road, in a quiet backstreet, we found Ethos.

Behind the craziness that is Khao San road, we spotted the VEGAN sign! 

We LOVE falafel, well, most middle eastern cuisine actually! So we were so excited to have something other than Thai and noodle dishes, which we had totally overindulged in recently!

It was a stereotypical ‘vegan place’… wooden, seats on the floor, dark lighting (explains the picture quality…), but smelt delicious!

Everything that was vegan in the menu was in green, making it an easy selection. We ordered falafel, burger, hummus and pitta.

Delicious! So tasty! You know when you haven’t had something in a while, and totally crave it? This was us with HUMMUS today! So good and creamy!

The service here wasn’t great, and I think the decor could be improved, but the food was great!

They even had sugar free, vegan PANCAKES – my all time favourite! I had to order!

As you can see, I was very happy with my blueberry pancake! 

Well worth a visit, good value, and a welcome change from noodles with lots of choice on the menu!