Nutrition Reviews


You know when you discover a new product that you think should always have been there…?
You missed it already, but didn’t even knowย what it was…?
Everything about it is right…?
You want to be part of the brand, have it every single and always have it around…?
You want to invest in or even buy the company…?
You know that feeling, yes…? (just me…)
Anyway…That is what I had with Nakd bars!
No, I am definitely not paid to write this. But, seriously, this is the best invention since the wheel!
They all taste delicious, are healthy, vegan and a decentย sized snack bar made from squashed fruits and nuts. I made them a reward for myself, after (or during) training. A moment so special it makes me super happy when I am totally exhausted. They are now a staple in my suitcase for all my trips.
Thank you Nakd bar people. You’ve made an aspiring ironman very happy!