Holland. Michiel’s homeland. Which makes him the perfect tour guide.

Starting in Amsterdam, I of course wanted to explore and see it all. The streets so beautiful, filled with exactly what I would of expected – bikes, canals and beautiful buildings all around!

We visited the A’Dam Lookout to see the whole city, and got a great view on a surprisingly hot and sunny day! It doesn’t happen often in Holland.

Of course I had to get on this horse. I look cool, but it was so hard getting up and down. Not my most graceful moments. Michiel had to help.

On the road. We visited lots of small villages and towns!

Kinderdijk – AKA place with a million windmills!

New shoes to fit in with the locals

To drain the polder, a system of 19 windmills was built around 1740. This group of mills is the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands. The windmills of Kinderdijk are one of the best-known Dutch tourist sites. They have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.


Next up, going for a run in Alkmaar, known for its cheese! Not vegan cheese unfortunately. We are yet to find vegan cheese town.

Next up – Rotterdam! Where we ate at the amazing Spirit.

Michiel really likes the taste of his homeland water

They have strange houses in Rotterdam

The Afsluitdijk is a major causeway in the Netherlands, constructed between 1927 and 1932 and running from Den Oever on Wieringen in North Holland province, to the village of Zurich in Friesland province, over a length of 32 kilometres (20 mi) and a width of 90 metres (300 ft), at an initial height of 7.25 metres (23.8 ft) above sea level.

It is basically sea on one side, and man made lake on the other – so cool! You can really see the difference in the water.

Stretching on the Afsluitdijk. Which I of course say with the perfect Dutch pronunciation..

Winschoten. A little town in northern Holland. A wet day, but it didn’t stop us! I went for a refreshing run in the rain, and Michiel smashed a bike ride with his friend.

We then decided to soak up some local culture, and paid the Groningen museum a visit.

Time to say goodbye to Holland!

A great trip  – and I even came away with my very own clogs!