Three months after the accident the doctor has said I am good to go. Do everything again, but listen to my body, calm, with baby steps. A day later, I found myself in the pool doing my first freestyle strokes! Boy, did that feel amazing!

Goggles & cap still fitย (un)comfortably

We prepared for it with a lot of exercises over the last few weeks. Shoulder rotations, more movements in the water with no impact, like aqua jogging, squats, simple floating and dynamic stretches. All together gearing me up for swimming again. Itโ€™s been a long time coming, and I feel pain sometimes, but I have to listen to my body and do what I can.

At the end of the session this day, it was time. Try a freestyle stroke and see if it hurts. Without goggles and in the warm relax-pool, but there I went. I was afraid that the shoulder pain would come back, I was afraid the pain would hit me. But, none of it!!

There we go!

It was so great to finally do this again, I miss it so much, floating in the water, moving forward concentrating on my breath, body and technique! Iโ€™m doing it again!

Free styling!

I was out of breath after one lap, time for more cardio in my plan again now, but this was promising day, I could not be more happy. Ironman 2018, here I come!

More laps to come!