The restaurant was in a small room, with stone walls, and a roaring fire. It oozed with coziness, with gentle music, and quiet conversations between other guests.

The food smell itself was incredible, and seeing the menu, we were SO excited to start tasting! Joel (our saviour), recommended some dishes, and explained how big the dishes were. We took our time over the menu, it all sounded really delicious. I love it when somewhere is all vegan – so much choice!

We ordered, and eagerly awaited our dishes. 

Small details on the cotton placemats and napkins 

Roasted Carrot & Thyme Pate with traditional Catalan bread – delicious, light, and perfectly seasoned. The bread was crispy, and satisfying.

Macadamia nut fondue, with homemade bread and pickles vegetables. Wow – my favourite by far. Rich, creamy, delicious. I hadn’t had a fondue yet since being vegan, and this has set my standard high! The pickles vegetables – so simple, but made such a refreshing change and twist on flavours, complementing the creaminess of the fondue. 

Marinated romanesco broccoli with lentils, smoked leek and watercress – I will definitely be recreating this one myself. Unexpectedly tasty, with rich tomatoey flavours.

Grilled, marinated and smoked tofu, with beans, peanut cream and shiitake mushrooms – the peanut flavour in this dish teamed so well with the smokiness of the tofu – divine  I could eat this over and over, such a tasty and satisfying dish. The mushrooms on top were deliciously cooked. 

Seitan with lemon capers cream, chaterelles, roasted carrot and pumpkin and sage. This was so fresh and tasty. It could be easily eaten as a summer salad, lemony, light and fluffy. Delicious.

We of COURSE could not refuse deserts. I mean, we had to give this place a full review. The warm, chocolate brownie and the white chocolate rocks with peanut and passion fruit. Wow. I cannot even describe the taste – SO delicious. I could eat them every day! I will let the pictures do the talking…

100% recommended. Clean, impressive, detailed, tasty and great service.

A luxury vegan dining experience to remember!