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Happy New Goals!


2017 has been such an important year for both Michiel and I.

From our first trip to Chile a year ago, to travelling the world since, exploring the most epic locations, taking on the biggest challenges and having so much fun along the way. We have both grown in ways I never expected, and through all the new insights we are entering 2018 more passionate and driven than ever, in both our lives.

Augustโ€™s crash ended the dream to become Ironman in October for Michiel, but with a huge amount of courage and determination, he pulled through what could have killed him. Itโ€™s been a rollercoaster of emotions, obstacles and perseverance to even get to a โ€˜fit to trainโ€™ point again.

It was hard to believe at this point the dream of Ironman would ever be achieved

Now we are, we have new challenges, and have a new date for the the ultimate goal. Full Ironman, October 2018 Barcelona. A year after he should have crossed that finish line. Signed up, training plan in progress, itโ€™s time to climb on board the new journey to Ironman.

In true Against the Grain style, we also have some epic adventures thrown in to enjoy and share before then. Including HAWAII in June – to complete the half Ironman distance in Kona – the home of Ironman itself!!

Some people need goals to aim for to be focussed, and Michiel is one of them. Together, we will do what we do best and work hard to achieve them.

I have no doubt that with the continued determination and support Michiel will be fit enough to complete both half and full Ironman distances this coming year. And if not, we can fake a bike crash a few weeks before, or something… too soon? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you as always for the support and love, and we wish you an incredible 2018, full of happiness and fulfilled dreams!