Ironman training has commenced once more! Woohoo! Michiel is ready, fit enough, signed off from the doctors, and we are now 2 weeks into our new Ironman goals!

Feeling tired from training, both mentally and physically can happen. Michiel has hit a wall a few times in the past. Now, we know how to recognise it. It is totally normal when training for an end goal to become exhausted, and feel like this. So how do we avoid or overcome this, and keep going?

  • Sleep – simple right?! How much did you get last night? We all know we should aim for at least 8 hours per night, but sometimes, we need more. At least twice a week, try and get a good 12 hour sleep in. It helps so much repair of your body, muscles, heart and blood vessels. Mentally, you’re more aware, alert, can process information easier, and of course, we look so much better after a good night sleep! Struggling? Try some lavender oil, or a 2 minute relaxing meditation before bed.

  • Take time for YOU. I know, you might have children, or a busy work life, but really, it makes such a difference to your life! Watch a film, go for a walk, have your favourite meal – you are just as important as everyone else in your life. Take care.

  • Drink plenty of water – at least 3 litres per day. Your body will not flood. As long as you are going to the bathroom regularly, your body will lap it up! Hydration is key. Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Because your body loses waterthrough breathing, sweating, and digestion, it’s important to rehydrate!

  • Get outside. Fresh air. A long walk, a short walk, whatever – get yourself into the great outdoors at least once during your week. Not just to get from A to B, but to enjoy nature. See some green. Breathe. There is so much evidence that exposure to nature can reduce high blood pressure, breathing and cardiovascular illnesses, improve vitality and mood instantly, benefit issues of mental wellbeing, and restore attention capacity and mental fatigue. GO GO GO!

Of course you also have to hug trees whilst in nature. Because vegan. 

  • Massages – the power of touch. We use a sports masseuse weekly for Michiel – to get under those muscles and ease out any tensions that we can’t quite reach with stretching alone. It is so beneficial! Training will improve, it prevents injuries, and promotes muscle growth in the same way protein can! A relaxing massage also has many benefits – relaxation, mentally recharging, and ticking that box for some ‘me time’!

  • Eating right. Make sure your exercise programme matches your diet. Nutrition can change everything – and by making sure your body has enough nutrition to get it through the tough times will make a big difference to your performance.

The salad made a joke

  • Last but by no means least, LISTENING to your body is absolute key. There can be some days where your body says no. Usually, there is a reason for that. At the start of any new exercise regime, resistance is going to happen, but when you start to get past the first ‘can’t be bothered’ stage, you understand the difference. If your body says to stop – stop. Give yourself the time it needs to recover and repair between workouts!