To stay in a sport resort is a totally new experience to me. Everybody is there to exercise! Nothing to do after 10pm! They have lap pools instead of pool bars! A new world.

It is really motivating to be in a sport hotel. Everyone is there to train, the staff understand that too, and nobody looks weird if you come to breakfast super sweaty in biking gear, after a 120km ride. Half of the people in there have done a similar thing!

I bought the T-shirt! ๐Ÿ™‚

I really liked it, and we exercised daily using the great facilities, which were great!

Something I had expected more of was the level of attention from the trainers. I had subscribed to a triathlon week training package:

โ€œOur dedicated coaches are here to help you train and practice, both physically and mentally. Whether you are just starting your triathlon journey or are a professional athlete, we can design a tailored programme to fit your needs and help you optimise your potential.โ€

Sounds perfect, right? The truth was far from this. A class was a group of triathletes that trained together, the trainer knew them all and trained with them for his own practice. I did not learn anything and that highly demotivated me.

The first day they dropped us off at the beach and all went swimming as a group. I was not fast enough yet to do the laps they were, so they told me to go swim on my own. My first time swimming in the sea! An expensive & lonely day at the beach…

A not so motivated me

Luckily for me I brought my own private trainer, Holly! She took over that same afternoon and trained me daily. With the personal attention and motivation, and high level of professionalism that I had expected from the local trainers as well.

One of Holly’s specialties is boxing. Great for upper body and to lose some frustration!

Now this was personal attention & a tailored program!

A happy & motivated me, ready to do some Ironman training! Thank you, Holly!

I am lucky that way, but canโ€™t help feel sorry for people that arrive here without their own personal trainer.