On initial entry, we were completely ‘wowed’ by the dining options at Thanyapura. They had a raw menu option, which was all vegan, and a small ‘booster bar’ that served some vegan options. We thought we would be totally fine here – not needing to go out at all (nearest town, 10km away)…

Although it was great food, super fresh and tasty, by day 4, we were ready for some warm food, and more variation. I think my love for cooking, and cooking new things has spoilt us, because we soon got bored with what was on offer, as delicious as it was!

The breakfasts were great – a whole buffet to help yourself too, included with our stay, we of course loaded up on what we could – bread, jam, marmite, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, and found ourselves even going back for more after the early morning sport activity!

Apart from the variation issue, we did have some super tasty meals here, I wouldย however suggest that they added more vegan options to the normal menu, so we could enjoy more hot food too!

Theย fresh coconuts were delicious!ย