We are always looking out for new restaurants popping up, and this one was on our radar for a while. Floripa! The restaurant itself is themed with an 80s style backdrop, bright, florescent, happy. It has a great vibe from the moment you walk through the door. The service is amazing, and on our first visit, the co-owner, Andre, came and introduced himself, spoke to us about the concept and we loved it! A cool, trendy bar, where you don’t have to think or wonder if things are vegan – everything is!

Sometimes, with vegan restaurants, they can miss the ‘coolness’ that many people look for when they are thinking of a nice place to enjoy a cocktail with friends. I don’t want to see shaming pictures or quotes, or for it to be too ‘in your face’ vegan – I think it makes it much more appealing if it is subtly vegan – and would attract more none vegans to realise it is fine, very normal and super tasty to go plant based – this is what Floripa does so well.

It was a refreshing change to see this place in all its shiny, happy, cool glory, standing out from the crowd and leading the way to the new generation of trendy vegan bars.

The food is exactly what you would want from this kind of bar, nothing overly fancy, but healthy, super tasty, and good value for money. After going alone and loving it, we then took friends for dinner. Everyone loved their food and drinks, and our waiter couldn’t do enough to please us – constantly refreshing the water, asking if we needed anything, and keeping us happy.


In the evening, after dinner, the music starts to get a little louder, the cocktails start flowing, and the place comes alive. The disco – happy atmosphere makes it easy to enjoy the upbeat music!

An awesome place to visit with friends, cosy yet classy, sleek and trendy. The place to be in Barcelona!