Spain Training

La Cerdanya Bike Tour


Just a few weeks away from Ironman – how EXCITING!

Michiel spotted a bike ‘tour’ online that leaves Catalunya, and travels (high up) into the pyrenees and France. It was 140km, and with high points of 1850m – it was TOUGH. A nice break from his usual Barcelona routes, we headed off on another mini adventure to the closest town, Alp.

Alp was beautiful – and it was nice to be in such a remote place, with beautiful little houses, and green views all around us.

We went for the briefing – which was of course all in Catalan, and got the main points – Michiel bought all of the biking merchandise which looked great, and got everything ready for an early start the next day.

At this stage of training, we are in the last weeks of peak phase, then we will start to taper gradually down, to make sure his body is fully rested and ready for the big day. Right now – it is all about great nutrition, zero stress and also enjoying what his body can do! These high mountains were great for endurance – although Ironman Barcelona course is predominantly flat, it is great that it will feel like a breeze compared to the hills he has encountered during training!

Off he goes – with lots of others, through the winding hills and high altitudes!

Whilst he was biking away, I took a long walk around the hills, and what a beautiful place – just an hour and a half outside of such a huge city, its hard to believe I went all day without seeing many people, surrounded by so much nature. Awesome day!

It was soon time to wait at the finish line to welcome Michiel back – and although it was tough, he really enjoyed the ride! It’s not often I advocate for him to have a drink – but I think this one deserved a beer afterwards! Well done Michiel!