Recovery Spain



Wanting a change, we visited Tarragona! Training in Barcelona is great, but can be repetitive for Michiel. An hour and a half drive from the city, we stayed in Hotel Mas La Boella, a beautiful little hidden gem, with its own olive groves. We of course had to taste some olive oil too!


Olive Oil Tasting

Wherever you live, there will be something you haven’t seen, or explored close by – don’t be afraid to just get in the car, jump on a train or a bus, and see more. It gives me so much inspiration to be in new places! It is so refreshing to the mind.

Devils bridgeย 

Michiel completed his 5km Sunday run in Castelldefels on the way back to Barcelona, another awesome place to run, flat and beautiful along the beach front. He did it in an impressive 28 minutes – his fastest since the accident! So great to see him get stronger every single day!

No trip to Castelldefels is complete without a visit to Vegans N Roses!