The only vegan restaurant in Tarragona. El Vergel Vega. The entrance stood out amongst the old narrow streets that were littered with old style buildings. It was modern, brightly lit, and welcoming. We couldn’t wait to enter!

The friendly staff, all dressed the same, and very smart, welcomed us and showed us our table. This place books up fast, so make sure to make a reservation beforehand! As well as the main restaurant, they also sold natural animal food, soaps, chocolates and other vegan things in the entrance.

The interior was calming, minimalist and clean. You felt at ease here. The smell of the food was lingering, and it soon started to become busy.

Lots of choice! We wanted everything! 


The food was delicious. As expected – fresh, tasty, well presented, and a great mixture of flavours. Good value for money and a lot of healthy dishes, made for the perfect meal! 

A great place for a weekend treat, in a city that doesn’t seem to do much else for vegans, this was a great treat. Classy, but welcoming. Well recommended.