The guidebook already told us, raw vegan is popular in Saint Petersburg. We had some experience with that in Thailand, but I must say this was a whole new experience!

The menu was packed with items, all inspired by international dishes like falafel, burger, wrap, pasta, but with a raw vegan twist. The restaurant was decorated in lively colors and they used a lot of wood and plants, which made it a cosy place to feel relaxed, and where you want to stay a bit longer. Especially with the rain outside!

The smoothies and juices were highly original and to die for, so good! We were a bit disappointed that many options had honey in them, which is not vegan. They were mainly deserts and sweet drinks however, and were clearly marked on the menu.

The staff were very friendly, and did their best to speak English, and the menu also was in English. There was a lot to look at, which was nice as the service was a bit slow.

We did come back multiple times, the food is really amazing, colourful and delicious! RA Family exceeded our expectations and made us look forward to the rest Saint Petersburg had to offer! Enjoy the pictures!

What is raw vegan? It excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48 °C (118 °F).


At the last visit, I was already outside, Holly was still chatting with the waitress. Suddenly I received a message, saying: “COME BACK, WE’RE HAVING CHOCOLATE CAKE!”. This was waiting for me. A great finish!