Chile Reviews



Both being vegan, we obviously love avocados, obviously. The go-to food, and super nutritious! Good fats are crucial in Michiel’s diet, along with the right amount of protein and carbohydrates – to ensure his body takes on just enough of the good stuff whilst training so heavily for Ironman!

North of La Serena, we needed a pit stop to refuel and stock up on water & food for the next few days. We came across some small towns which region is known for their Chilean avocados, and we hit the jackpot in the supermarket when we found the perfectly ripe, huge ones! We naturally got a whole heap of them, along with some fresh fruit, bread and lots of water of course!



Being on the road, I have to ensure Michiel is eating enough – and being vegan, there isn’t much to get at cafes and gas stops along the way that don’t contain animals or a ridiculous amount of sugar… so we have to improvise.

Best avocados ever! Even better on the side of the road in the desert! Mmmmm!