Botswana Reviews

The Delta Camp


Definitely the most surreal place we have ever stayed. A thatched and wooden house, in a tree. Supported by a termite nest. It sounds very unglamorous, but this was in fact an amazing resort. Luxury mixed with nature.

Walking into the house, we just burst out laughing for a full 10 minutes. No windows or doors, just beds with mosquito nets around them, baboons staring at us, an elephant outside, and buffalo grazing in the island in front. The laughing was a mixture of it being hilarious, mixed with amazement, and a dash of being terrified to sleep here.

As we looked around the room, exploring everything, we saw a flicker of movement coming from under one of the beds. Bats. Asleep, dangling from the beams. Of course. There are bats under the beds!!

The bathroom was a short walk down some tree stairs, and in there, a baboon was dangling upside down, just staring at us. Hello neighbour! We were warned how cheeky they were, and had to keep all our belongings in a thick wooden box, that they assured us they hadn’t yet worked out how to open. We had some common space, in which we enjoyed our food, and had access to everything else available at the camp, which was beautifully decorated, and delicious! All open plan, with a cool breeze in the evening, and the loud noise of nature around us.

Lizards, spiders, bugs of every kind, but a calming sense of being submerged into nature made us appreciate everything. What an experience to have here! Sleeping under the stars, with the animals, in a tree. It was kind of surreal.

Surprisingly for us both, we slept rather well whilst we were here. And every morning we woke at sunrise, to the noise of the baboons waking up too by running frantically around, the bats circling our little house and finding their spots under the bed for their daytime sleep, and the elephants having their morning swim in the water below. It was such a contrast to what we have ever been used to, and so special.

Elephants below our house

One of the nights, we were escorted to our tree house with the guide as usual, and had to take a diversion, as some buffalo had decided to graze on the path. We were reminded that this was their home first. It was great to see how much respect the humans here have for the animals around them. We always were told to keep our distance, and just let them do their thing, with no interference.

I treated myself to a massage whilst here, and was taken to another hut, the ‘Spa Hut’, in the middle of the forest. The massage was amazing, and so serene. I glanced up during, to see a mother and baby elephant walking past, uninterested in us, just eating from their trees.

The most intense natural experience.  

The most amazing memories and experience of sleeping in the elements, not being scared to take a shower outside with lizards and baboons watching us, and feeling so close to nature.