Russian visa… it seems it is the hardest to obtain. You would think going to North Korea was harder, but nope, the Russians really want you to work to visit their country! Problem is, being a British citizen, with a British passport, I had to apply for my visa in London, not anywhere else in the world. Trip to London, anyone?

Another city to explore, train in, and eat vegan too! Every cloud has a silver lining!ย There is so much choice for vegans here too! Off we went.

First, filling out 10 billion forms for the visa, before biometrics and an interview, then a 4 day wait…

Between training, it was also great to explore the city. We got so lucky with the weather, even hotter than Spain some days!

Meeting some locals

No trip to London is complete without a visit to the Queen

It was such nice weather, we could work out outside the whole time – Hyde Park is a beautiful place to train, full of green and space!ย 

Interval running in the parkย 

Bridges like this are GREAT for glue strength and even abs! Squeeze the glutes when rising, relax down without touching the floor, and repeat.ย 

This is what vegans do, right…!?ย 

We went to so many great vegan places whilst in London – my personal favourite being Itadekizen! SUSHI! Enjoy the reviews!ย