An important part of recovery. Physiotherapy. It will helpย to restore movement and function in Michiels body as soon as possible. We had the first session this week, and believe it or not was a very funny experience…

First of all, we walked into a room filled with people, all sat on chairs, silently facing a wall. Honestly, we thought we had gone into an AA meeting by accident, so asked the man outside, who said we were in fact in the right place and Michiel needed this treatment. OK. Let’s wait.

Then it started. Everyone did the same thing at the same time, instructed by a physiotherapist at the front. Super nice guy, but what a strangeย experience.

There were times I thought I may have to leave the room because I wanted to laugh a lot

Next up, into a room that looked like either a torture room, or a room for mental health patients from 100 years ago. We had a list of exercises to do, and with the mans help, we spent an hour completing them.

Getting the mobility back in his shoulder and arms.ย 

Trying out a torture device whilst staring at a circle on the wall

Icing the shoulder area after the first physio session – a funny, but very useful experience! I wonder what next week will bring…