I missed this dish. Spanish tortilla. A Spanish tortilla is a very much like an omelette – both of which off the menu since being vegan. We had tried it a few times in vegan restaurants but never thought of trying to make it. I mean vegan egg. How?

We came across VEGG.ย 100% plant-based eggย replacement. Using only natural ingredients. Sceptical. But worth a try! Researched some recipes, and came up with our own, it was time to see whether this could live up to our high expectations.

Chef Michiel


5 tbsp VEGG

1 cup water

A mix of vegetables you like – we used mushrooms, peppers, onions & tomatoes

500kg potato

Salt & pepper to taste

Coconut oil to fry


Boil the potatoes & then chop them into slices

Fry off the vegetables in a pan with a little coconut oil

Add the VEGG and water in a bowl and whisk until not lumpy

Pour VEGG mix into a bowl with the potatoes and vegetables – leave for 5 minutes to soak togetherย 

Transfer mix to a pan, and cook on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes until cooked through (may be useful to transfer to under the grill to cook the top part better)

Flip over once putting it on the plate, and serve with some crunchy salad!ย