Abel Tasman is officially recognised as the first European (Dutch) to โ€˜discoverโ€™ New Zealand in 1642. His men were the first Europeans to have a confirmed encounter with Mฤori.

He is so famous here that he has many places named after him. In the north at Cape Reigna, and the incredible Abel Tasman National Park. Around an hour from Nelson, it was perfect for a day trip and some cool training locations!

We drove to the nearest spot, Marahau, which was full of backpackers and trampers (hikers), and decided to carry on through the park, and see some views with more isolated training spots. The journey was amazing – this park is so picturesque – a stunning place of beauty.

We were testing Michiel’s knee today with some short distance jogging, low impact on the sand and concentrating on good technique. He had a tendency to dip his upper body whilst running, it is so important to have good posture, and not drag the upper body with every step.

Luckily, he could complete the run with minimal pain to the knee (with the last minute being allowed barefoot in the warm waters!) – we also did a tough core session, concentrating on centre the abs, with lots of leg raising and planks. He is definitely ready for rest day after this!