My sister Rosalie lives in Amsterdam and she always does a lot of sport. I use to laugh about that, just did not understand why. In hindsight I guess that must have annoyed her. Sorry Rosalie!

Now I finally understand, and we even started train together, when I visit! This time we went to a spin-strength session at her gym, followed by a kick box lesson at a real box school.

Everything was ready when we came in

We got up really early and walked to the gym. The set-up was pretty straight-forward. Half of the group was spinning, the other half did planks, squats etc, in the middle of the room. This would have terrified me not so long ago! Now I am finally confident enough to do it and in a good shape to keep going. Where do all these people get their skills? They surely donโ€™t all have a Holly?

Early morning spinning

The boxing was a whole different setting. In a backroom in an Amsterdam building is Sportcentrum Kops located. A real boxing place where professional boxers come and train. It felt like I was in a movie. Rosalie of course knew the place and helped me with my gloves and introduced me to Mitchell, a former pro kickboxer, a huge guy, wouldnโ€™t want to fight him! Unfortunately that was what we had to do.

Ready to kick some boxes

Rosalie in the fight position

These guys are all pro’s

When I was kicking and hitting him, Rosalie had to do squats and planks etc. And vice versa. Again! I was already fearing the muscle aches that come a day later. The guy said I picked up the movements quickly and had a good punch. That would be all the box training with Holly! The leg kicking was a bit more complicated. It was intense, but so worth it! Will come again when in Amsterdam, thanks Mitchell!

And yes, the day after I had some trouble sitting downโ€ฆ

We did think of stretching, with Holly calling in from Spain…