Chile Training

Sunset strength


It is so easy for endurance athletes to solely focus on swimming, cycling and running, but it is so important to also add strength and resistance training into the schedule. Itย enhances strength, muscular endurance and power, and gives a much higher resistance to injury. Plus,ย let’s face it, it’s good to have some variants!

Strength training in the desert sunset – that is something I never thought I would say… I have no words that would do justice to the surroundings. These photos are taken without a filter, and you can see the changing colours as the sun goes down – truly awesome!




It really was like training on the moon (or what I would imagine it to be…) We worked with the resistance bands, which is super tough, but great for upper body strength training without using weights.



Naturally, we finished the workout with a shot on the truck – epic places – epic training!

Not sure if it’s a good thing that Michiel is so elatedย to have finished working out…


…and of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to down tools, stop working and get a photo too! This truck is made for these photos!ย What a location for the travelling PT to PT!