From Venice, to Beverly Hills, to Downtown LA, to Hollywood strip – LA is diverse, and has it all. Nature in the hills surrounding the huge city, and all the glitz and glamour, and diverse neighbourhoods below. Walking around sunset boulevard, on the Hollywood strip – it was tourist paradise. Shops, flashing lights, the walk of fame, gimmicks everywhere. I kind of liked it. It was the real Hollywood experience with everything in your face. Rappers and singers were trying to sell their CDs and everyone crowded around street performers and souvenir shops.

Downtown LA was a different experience all together. The shiny skyscrapers filled the skyline, the pavements looked more worn out, old, and used. The different streets and corners all represented different things: the jewellery area, the flower area, the old historic area – each one with its own quirk, and unique to another.

Grand Central market was filled with food stalls and people, bright lights and different smells filled the air. Lots of vegan options too!

We stumbled upon the Broad: an art gallery and exhibition centre, that happened to have free entry. A great place with many wonderful pieces!


After exploring as much as our legs would permit, we decided on our final evening dinner at Au Lac.