My birthday started different than any birthday before! Where a slight hangover and sleeping late was normal, I now got up at 7, had a coffee and some fruit (and lots of great sporty presents, thank you Holly!) and got ready for a Mallorca bike ride!

Presents! For running & travelling & post workout treats! 

We made reservations for a bike at Bikehead. Great bikes, really the best rental bike I have had until now, and a perfect website to book. They are flexible with opening hours so all went smooth.

The bike & a map of Mallorca. So much to ride!

And then the ride! Via Rapha, a fast growing network of bike ‘clubhouses’, with ‘chapters’ around the world. So cool, made me think of Sons of Anarchy. Amazing experience, the cafe and shop too.

Love this concept!

The Clubhouse, with healthy snacks & coffee!

Do we have everything? 

Cycling in Mallorca is beautiful! Amazing roads, and surroundings. The roads are smooth and the traffic is used to bikes, so the cars are careful, something I learned to appreciate on our travels!

The group had interesting riders, and told me Mallorca is the best place to cycle, especially in the North, they even showed pictures and it looks amazing! Mallorca, the best vegan sport destination in Europa! We’ll be back!