Recommended to us by a friend, and also on every vegan site about Mallorca, we couldn’t wait to go to Bagel! Located right in the city centre, with a super cute decor, we were warmly welcomed.

The majority of the choices on the menu are vegan or can be made vegan. Owners Andrew and Stephan are great at what they do, they know vegans, and they make it normal. Everything on the menu seemed to have stemmed from a non vegan dish, cream cheese bagels, croissants, schnitzel…

Their great reputation is further enhanced by their stylish café ambiance, featuring high beams, a mezzanine and cosy seating arrangements. It was a cool place to be.

After studying the menu, we ordered the big breakfast croissant to share.

Wow. Delightful. Texture and flavour exactly as you would expect, and the grated vegan cheese was a great touch. 

Next up, we had to get the Buddha bowl, which honestly, (I can be a little over the top, but this deserves it) was one of the best meals I have had! SO good! Everything complemented each other, it was so fresh, and expertly cooked and crafted onto the plate. Made even more delightful by the organic edible flowers on top!

We of course couldn’t leave without a bagel, and enjoyed the cream cheese bagel, which lived up to its name – super creamy, and cheesy! A flavoursome treat!

Well, well worth a visit in Mallorca, vegan or not, this place ticked all the boxes. Friendly staff, value for what you get, and of course the most delicious food!