My Garmin is broken, and has been sent back to the factory. And boy, do I miss it. I know that now, as I check my wrist every few minutes and the Garmin app on my phone. No more sleep stats, no more exercises tracked, steps kept and so on. How do people survive without this information?

Dead Garmin.

The Garmin 735XT is a great sports-watch, especially for triathletes. It has GPS, so you can track your running and cycling. And it is waterproof, to keep track of the laps in the water. It is also relatively small, which is rare for a sports-watch of this calibre – I can keep it on all day & night. Battery life is good. It has some office options to take calls and calendars and such, but they feel like an afterthought, and not very well designed – I never use these functions.

It measures heart rate, and has a lot of third party apps, so the look and feel of the display can be personalised. The only thing I am less impressed about is the sleep tracking. My Fitbit measured sleep with much better accuracy. The app could use an update. And it suddenly went silent during a swim.

So if you are a serious athlete, especially triathlete, this watch is for you. If you like more eye candy and are not that into sporting, look elsewhere, ’cause this watch will set you back.