Pyongyang looks like a city that was created in the 50s and 60s, where the architect got the assignment to make it feel like the year 2000. The only things missing are the flying automobiles. The buildings are brightly coloured, blue, yellow or pink, and form seems more important than function. Mix that with the fact that there are almost no cars, no modern technology, no advertisements of any kind and only young and healthy people, welcome to Pyongyang, the DPRK capital city.

The flower tower

My favorite building, especially by night. Every city needs buildings like this.

The tourist hotel
Located on an island in the river, this is the hotel for tourists. Amazing views, a rotating top floor restaurant, with very cheap beer, but a dated interior. The carpet was softer than the beds.

The view fromย the room, no actual photo of the building as we were not allowed off the hotel grounds…

The airport
With only a few planes per day, this airport fully functions. We spend a few hours here waiting for the helicopter to leave and it felt like a private airport.

Arc the Triomf
Because every city needs one apparently, even here.

Apartment blocks.
People paint them yearly in spring in warm colors (pink, blue andย yellow) and they are all occupied with families. You are never alone in North Korea.

The hotel that never finished.
This building was the first I ever saw when I saw a news item about Pyongyang. The most prestigious hotel of the city, the highest building when they started building in 1987. Only it never finished and is now the tallest unoccupied building in the world. One day it opens and I will be the first to book a room.

Streets by night
Some people wanted a training run before the marathon. That was not possible, as the guides would have to run with us. They came with a creative solution: a walk in town with the group, for 15 minutes. That was really special. Walking between the people.