Our last night meal out, a tradition for taking time to reflect and evaluate how everything went on the trip, and of course celebrate the achievements! The reviews were good, we were 1km away, so we headed to Au Lac, a full plant based restaurant in downtown LA. For a city that comes alive in some places at night, downtown seemed to be pretty quiet for a Saturday evening, maybe because we didn’t know the spots, but most bars were shut in the working district, except Au Lac.

It was busy, a good sign, and we just managed to get a table online on our way there. It was modern, fresh and well lit, which added to the classy, modern feel they expelled. We had a drink at the bar whilst waiting for our table, and were seated in a weird spot, around a bend, where we couldn’t really see any other part of the restaurant from. Ultimately, this also meant our waitress forgot about us too, we later found.

Again, overwhelmed by options, we ordered things we would never normally make ourselves, or eat regularly, always wanting a new experience and flavours.

The food was delicious – we have been really spoilt in LA. It was fresh, healthy and all impeccably presented. Care had gone into this place, and the menu was a reflection of that.

We had a delicious meal, with many tastes and flavours, and would definitely recommend this place. A fresh, modern experience.