You HAVE to buy THIS bike!”, is what my dear friend Gert Robijns told me immediately after I said I was considering to start road cycling. “It’s a of money lot but it is the most beautiful bike there is, and the best one also. Entirely hand-made, no ugly prints, all carbon fibre. And you can never blame the material, if you give up!”

He started to call bicycle shops and made an appointment for the next day. Although secretly he was a little scared he hoped the build up wasn’t a huge mistake letting me invest in this bike, I have never ever regretted the purchase. It is the best and most beautiful bike in the world, and I look forward to riding it all the time. It feels like flying when I ride it and works like a charm. And it is so beautiful, I’d have never thought I’d say that of a bicycle!

Brand new bike purchased!

Some tech specs, this Cervélo RCA bike has a Super Record gearset (“0,5 milliseconds faster!”), automatic gears, Edco wheelset, everything lightweight carbon with the perfect stiffness. It is handmade in California and all black with only one red detail. Other riders look at it in awe. It is the fastest and lightest bike there is.

I could never blame my bike on any bad race experience. So I started working on myself. Eat more healthy, lose weight. The less you weigh, the lighter the bike will be! My most important lesson? You can invest all in the best sport equipment in the world, the biggest difference will always be yourself. But I do love my bike!

 My first ever bike ride