Mind over matter


Mind, food and exercise. The three key ingredients for a successful training. And a healthy life. All three are equally important. I have the feeling the mind part has some terrain to win, and not only because I am a trained psychologist!

Being healthy means exercising regularly, eating healthy and knowing yourself. And working on all these things constantly.

Let me explain…

Food: When someone is unhealthy, you can change your eating habit, people accept that they can have unhealthy eating habits and know they can do something about it. People talk to other people about it in a normal way and help eachother. It is encouraged, blogged about and foodies with foodstagrams are huge. Great!

Exercise: People can be overweight, and gyms are on every corner to do something about it. There are apps, health blogs, personal trainers and people go running, cycling and doing other sports together, for fun and to lose weight at the same time. Again, itโ€™s completely normal and encouraged to do something about it.

Mind: When someone experiences anger or stress, is emotional, sad or afraid, it is called a disorder. People think they are crazy. Nobody wants to be crazy. And so they ignore it and keep silent and nothing changes. While the mind works the same as the body. The more you work on it, the better and healtier it gets! It is possible and like sports, improvement comes step by step and everybody can do it!

Recap: Even if you feelย healthy, you should always keep working on all of these 3 pillars: Keep eating well, keep exercising, and keep improving the way you think and feel. Nothing is set in stone! Exercise, eat well and analyse and accept yourself, all with the help of professionals and friends!!

Life with these things balanced, can beย so good…