It was the first beautiful sunny day of the year in Beijing. Perfect to go cycling, with the Pyongyang marathon still in my legs.

Packed and ready to go

Via Instagram I found a company Global Cycle Ridesย that picks you up from the hotel, with a road bike and go to a route. In Beijing they work together with Serkย ran by Shannon. He picked me up at 7.30 with his van and some buddies to come with!

After a 1.5 hour drive we arrived in the mountains. It was amazing! Who would have thought nature would be so beautiful just outside of this giant city of 22 million people?

Riding here: Quiet roads perfectly paved, very smooth, the cars pay attention, and there are stops and water sellers everywhere.

Did I mention it was beautiful? We had a quick lunch after the ride, and back to busy Beijing, what a difference!

You can find the route and stats on Strava.