Sometimes the strangest things happen. We strolledย into a random building in Beijing, close to ourย hotel and suddenly saw a sign that said: Vegan….

We followed it and it turned out to be the best restaurant ever!

Ran by a Buddhist and made with only fresh, organic & healthy ingredients. Most importantly, everything VEGAN. This place has so many choices and all are delicious. We went back on numerous occasions during our time in Beijing, because it was so good!

Located inside a shopping centre, ‘Lido Place’ building on the second floor. They have iPads with the menu, in English, staff sometimes speak English, not always. They all are super friendly.

It seems more pricey than normal in Beijing but it is definitely worth it, then attention and preparation of the food is something rarely seen. It is better than most vegan restaurants I have ever been to around the world! Here are our favourite food samples we tried there! Beware: you will drool!