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Flying V


Being newly vegan, I had never experienced a plane ride with no animal chomping. It was a weird experience. Firstly, before anyone else’s food had come, ours came, which with a full plane full of hungry people, made us the odd bods already. ‘Special meal?’ – said just loud enough so everyone around us could hear and grab a stare. Singled out – it’s not special, its just a food choice. Some veggies over some meat. It was a very simple dinner. As you can see…


It got us thinking, whilst tucking into our rice and vegetables, maybe TASTE was the issue people wouldn’t choose vegan food over animal products? I am sure if something tasted incredible, it wouldn’t matter if it was meat/fish/veggies – whatever! The taste is the best bit, surely? Maybe airlines and places like that should make less of the generic, boring meals, and more animal free tasty meals for everyone to choose?

Either way – more choice and taste would be great for people who prefer no meat on airplanes…

Totally looking forward to sampling the local vegan places in Chile & cooking up some great food in the coming weeks! I love to cook! For now, we have stocked up on the basics & are ready for a nice breakfast before collecting Michiel’s bike & exploring more of Santiago!