Chile Training



First full day in Santiago! We wanted to take full advantage of our pool, so we got up with great intentions, goggles in hand and took to the rooftop.

Trying to be the ever-supportive PT, I of course encouraged Michiel to just bite the bullet and jump in the cool pool. He would soon acclimatise and we could get on with some great training in private! He did it. I have never seen him move so fast. Thinking he was super motivated, I was impressed with the speed! The dash to the ladders & sun told me the motivation was to get out. The speed was in fact desperation! I decided it couldn’t be that bad and dipped my legs in. It was that bad. I decided to take to google for another pool in the area – a pool that wouldn’t give us hyperthermia. Ironman V Iceman.


New pool – perfect! And warm! A walk away to Plaza Santiago (NH Hotel), and an empty pool with stunning views of the city! Confidence building for Michiel’s swimming is super important to our training at the moment, so it was great to get the one to one time in a pool. We made some great progress today – head under the water whilst swimming, and calming breathing techniques nailed! Over the next few swimming sessions we are going to integrate the progress we have made over the past month! We also have some cool products to put to try too!





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