South of the North Island. Wellington. The city seemed to be filled with students and drunk people (a concert on the same night we arrived), but at the same time, it had a lot of character and a cool urban feel. After seeing such beautiful natural spots, the city centre was underwhelming. We have been spoilt with nature!

Our apartment, the Quest Atrium, had a great pool available for guests, so the next morning, it was swimming drills before heading south!

  • Todays swim was focussed on technique. We are now in the build phase of training, so its more about tweaking the details of the workouts, working on technique and using them to get the best from all 3 disciplines.
  • I want Michiel to become as hydrodynamic as possible in the water, so it is important that his body position is correct. His upper torso should be pressed into the water, allowing the hips and legs to rise to the surface – tricky to master, but makes such a difference! If the legs hang low, it will increase the profile in the water – and create a drag effect.
  • Another technique we worked on is body rotation. Good body rotation has so many advantages to swimming. It adds leverage to each stroke, and when taking a breath, allows your head to just rotate with the rest of your body, instead of having to lift the head to breathe, which creates unnecessary up and down turbulence. A smoother swim all round!