Stumbled upon by accident, we came across Sweet Release Cake and Treatsย ย in Wellington. You know how excited we get by a totally vegan place to eat – well this place had it all, plus a cool story on how it came to being a cafe in the first place.

We were greeted by the lovely, friendly girls behind the counter, who were quick to tell us about what was on offer, and knew everything we asked about the recipes and menu.

After resisting the cakes (for now), we opted for Potato Pie, and a BLT (Bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich, with some soy coffee.

Taste sensation – fantastic food. We could no longer resist the sweet delights on offer, and went for Carrot Cupcake, Tiramisu (a Vegan Tiramisu!!!!!! YAY) and of course a Chocolate Brownie.

Look at how delicious they look! I want them again now.. they were mouthwateringly good, and after thanking the girls for being awesome, it was time to head off for the ferry to the south!