A nice thing about renting bikes wherever you go, is the opportunity to meet fellow bike enthusiasts, and to try a lot of different bike types. Atย Green Jersey Cycles in Martinborough,ย both happened.

Some rules, most people are here to go do some wine tasting

After calling ahead, they were more than happy to help us, spending time asking why we were training, measuring meย properly to the bike, and taking a lot of time explaining the route Iย should do, what to see, and anything else we needed. Great service!

The bike on the road to Cape Palliser

I got a hybrid bike, a sort of mountain bike in the shape of a roadbike. Good for off-road and speed! A bit heavier than my carbon fibre at home, but the best bike on this trip yet!

The woman at the store said the route to the famous Cape Palliser Lighthouse would be a 100km round trip. It turned out this was a bit optimistic, so I did not make it there, the road to it however was amazing, and some parts are known from the Lord of the Rings films!





Lake Ferry is well worth the detour!

Lake Ferry – with Lord of the Rings scenery

This route is fully paved and has some nice climbs!

Great service from these guys, good bike to ride on and epic views on my ride – exactly what I wanted!