For such an edgy, urban city, with very hippy, free people – we didn’t come across many vegan places in Valparaiso. Majorly stereotyping there – but usually, in a place like this, you would find a lot of health conscious vegans/veggies. There were some solely veggie/vegan places – but they only served lunch!

What we did find was a wonderful street vendor, who was so excited when we asked if the burgers she was selling were vegan! You could tell she didn’t get asked that question a lot, and had the vegan passion! The falafel burgers were delicious! Clearly home-made with love! We tried to find her the following day to buy them all (obviously), but we came to the conclusion her target market was the drunk Saturday night people, who will get hungry on the way home, and buy her burgers.


We also found a few nice place, who seemed to understand the vegan concept, without knowing it. Some of their dishes were animal free – so we naturally ordered them all, and it was delicious! Luckily, a lot of places do have vegan friendly, you just have to know how to look, and don’t be afraid to ask for no cheese!

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I wonder why there aren’t many vegans here? Or anywhere? It seems to be more popular in Europe & the US for sure. Chileans love their meat and cheese it seems!

There are so many benefits to being vegan. I decided to ‘become’ one in August this year – and it was one of my best decisions! I feel so much better, and from a nutritional point, there is absolutely no need for animals in our diets. I’m not the kind of vegan who will force it down peoples throats, but if you’d like the facts, have a read and give it a go too! Life is about trying new things right!?

There is a popular theme with the veggie/veganย places – they are always wooden, shack like places, with tattooed staff, and an aroma of earth (you know the sortโ€ฆ) I think there is a big market for more of the upscale, nicer vegan restaurants, for the well needed animal free, fine dining experience! We will keep looking.