Barcelona Recovery

Garraf Hike


Recoveryย takes time, so it’s time to make the most of our surroundings. Michiel has been signed off by his physiotherapist, and now it is about building his strength back a little at a time. I love nature, as does Michiel, so after some research on the best places to go within reach by car, we set off out of the city, and on our first hike since the accident! This will help a lot with building lung strength, helping breathing, and of course getting his fitness back.

Just 30 minutes out of the city, we reached Garraf park,ย in Sitges – so beautiful.

We set off on our hike, up hill, full of greenery, and away from the busy city. No phones, no distractions, just the path in front of us. It’s so important in such busy lives to have times like this. It gives so much clarity.

Going uphill was sometimes a struggle for Michiel, and he had some frustration of knowing he could of easily done this just a few months ago. After discussing it all, and taking it slow, we went at our own pace and successfully hiked 10km!

There’s the city!ย 

Taking a break

With breaks, and lots of beautiful scenery – mission accomplished! Can’t wait for the next one.