Open water. Something that isn’t in our training plan often…YET!

Michiel has been working hard on his technique, and training in the pool, but part of this stage of training is to get confident in the open water! He needs to becomeย more at ease with swimming out of the comfort of a pool. The beautiful sea around Mallorca was perfect for that!

LOOK at that water!!!!

We found a quiet bay around El Calo des Moro, in Southern Mallorca, and jumped right in! Well, that’s not true, it was freezing, so we took around 10 minutes dipping toes in first…

What water! Great to swim in, but a little daunting for Michiel, it was deep and no beach, so we were holding onto rocks towards the edge. After 300m we decided to move to a beach spot, and heading to Es Trenc, a small beach, with lots of space to be alone, and super shallow waters! WOW!

See that island? Michiel swam to it, not once, but 10x!!!! Amazing effort, and in new surroundings! Goodย work.

This view makes swimming a whole lot easier! Looking forward even more to the swim smooth day now!