China is a country of superlatives. Everything is bigger and on an enormous scale! The people are ready and working hard for a better future. You can see it everywhere, in companies, the government and architecture.

Companies have access to a billion customers, and even small start-ups think big. For example: a city bike plan to help fight pollution (and make money) starts with 250.000 bikes.

The government also introduces changes on a giant scale. A year ago I could not find anything vegetarian in China. After the plan of the Chinese government to reduce meat consumption with 50% (to fight obesity, diabetes and pollution), the city is littered with vegan options!

And you can see this progress in the streets. After a few months an area can completely be different. Bigger and better skyscrapers, buildings and offices are created with enormous urgency. That results in a beautiful and ever changing skyline with special architecture.

Most people know Beijing from the Olympic Stadium, but there is much more to admire.

The skyscrapers get higher and higher

A blue sky is rare in Beijing

HQ of Chinese TV

New buildings everywhere

Some were still empty…

Imagine the soundsย 

We liked these Spanish style balconies

The famous Silk Market had it’s own building